Connecting Eurasia by Railroad

Shipping your cargo from Asia to Russia can be made cost effective by utilizing the expanding and modern Eurasian intermodal transportation routes.  Rail transport is inexpensive, fast, safe, reliable and green. With the continued growth of import/export traffic between Asian countries and Eurasia, seamless intermodal linkages are now a viable option that can dramatically reduce the lead-time for west-bound shipments while keeping costs reasonable. 

The Shorter “Best Value” Route

There has been a significant expansion of international trade between Asia and Russia over the past decade.  Russia is located centrally between its two largest trade partners - the European Union and China.  With significant advantages in transit time and cost, rail becomes an optimal mode of transportation to ship cargo from Asia vs. the much longer ocean routes that must circumnavigate the whole of Asia, transit the Suez Canal and Mediterranean and travel around the whole of Europe to reach ports in Western Russia.  

Intermodal Transport in One Load Unit

To expedite your shipments from Asia to Russia, King Star provides intermodal services that allow you to move cargo from anywhere in Asia to Russia using successive modes of transport without having to transload the cargo through multiple load units.  Utilizing one loading unit (container) under King Star control, our best value solution starts with FCL (Full Container Load) ocean freight services arriving from across Asia to Dalian or Bayuquan.  Cargo is then moved, in the same container, by rail all the way to final destinations in Western Russia.

Reliability and Efficiency 

Rail services depart from Dalian and provide the most punctual services to the Manzhouli transfer point between China and Russia. Customs transfers usually take around 1-2 days and the total transit and clearance waiting time is 30% shorter than the usual route from Vostochny, Russia. 

Safety and Security

The use of single load units also ensures greater security and safety for your cargo. As the ocean container loading unit is compatible with all modes of transportation, and is the single unit used the length of the shipment, your products remain locked and sealed the entire length of the journey until reaching the final destination.

Value Added Services

In addition to these intermodal services, King Star offers a wide range of additional services that add value along the supply chain from origin to final destination.   

• Cross docking
• Customs house brokerage
• Domestic transportation
• Cargo insurance

Contact your King Star Sales Representative and talk to us more about our Russia Express intermodal services and cost saving options.