GERMAN shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd has announced surcharges affecting shippers landing cargo at northern range ports in Europe, reports the American Journal of Transportation.

"Due to the current congestion situation at the ports in the United Kingdom, caused by continuing high level of import arrivals in conjunction with infrastructure constraints, we will apply a Congestion Surcharge in order to maintain service levels," the shipping line announced.

"This Congestion Surcharge (CGD) inbound of US$175 per TEU payable in the United Kingdom will be implemented January 1 until further notice and is applicable for all container types for shipments into London Gateway, Southampton and Liverpool,' it said.

Also Hapag-Lloyd will also apply "security-related surcharges for Antwerp from January 1, a TSO of EUR18 (US$21.50) per box and an EUR 18 TSD per box.

"Ocean tariff rates as well as bunker-related surcharges, peak season surcharges (if applicable) and terminal handling charges remain unchanged as announced," said Hapag-Lloyd.


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Hapag-Lloyd posts surcharges on cargo landing in northern Europe

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