BARGE throughput of Hongkong International Terminals Limited in 2015 (HIT) has topped two million TEU ?the largest in the Pearl River Delta. 

"In setting a new handling record of 120 barges and 6,414 moves in a single day, HIT has reaffirmed its position as a leading transshipment hub in South China for Pearl River Delta cargo," said a company statement.

"These impressive statistics reveal an ambitious and meticulously-run operation that constantly strives to scale new heights. HIT is the only terminal operator in South China that deploys four barge quay cranes to enhance barge operational efficiency," it said. 

With two of these cranes working simultaneously productivity has jumped to 23 moves per hour and barge turnaround time has been greatly reduced by 50 per cent, said the HIT statement. 

With HIT and barge operators in pursuit of new targets, efficiency has improved 20 per cent and barge appointment by 16 per cent in 2015 year on year. 

"We will continue to dedicate resources to equipment upgrades to further strengthen our regional competitiveness," said HIT managing director Gerry Yim. 

"At the same time we will work with stakeholders in expanding our network coverage in the Pearl River Delta so as to strengthen our status as a key port of call for barges and shipping lines," he said.

Mr Yim also said HIT has been working on plans to respond to global economic uncertainty and the impact of slow economic growth in South China. 

This preparedness will allow the company to confidently meet new challenges while it continues to benefit from Hong Kong's free trade policies and the mainland's cabotage rules. 

To enhance cooperation with our stakeholders, HIT works closely with Guangdong Hong Kong Feeder Association to launch shuttle service and will offer priority berthing services to barge operators, he said. 

Meanwhile, Asia Port Services Limited, a sister company of HIT, will provide ancillary services to facilitate the provision of a one-stop shop service for barge operators in Hong Kong. 

And to ensure better coordinated planning with barge operators, HIT will collaborate with OnePort to revamp the Common Barge Platform. Similarly it will optimise the HKiPort barge apps to streamline the work of barge operators and allow for better transparency of terminal operations. 

"With the success of 2015's 'BOXplus - Building Operations Excellence', which was a 40-week efficiency enhancement study to optimise HIT's resource use, HIT strives to further enhance the operational efficiency of barge operations," said the company statement.

"This will be achieved through integrating resources and streamlining operational processes to improve service delivery to stakeholders, and to strengthen HIT's status as the leading transshipment hub in South China," it said.


Ship operating costs are forecast by Drewry to rise in 2016 & 2017
HK July off 11pc to 1.64 million TEU, S'pore up 0.8pc to 2.57 million TEU



Sustaining HIT's leading role as transshipment hub with barge quay cranes

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